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Chevrolet Corvette - 1955
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Chevrolet Corvette - 1955

Chevrolet Corvette - 1955

In 1954, chevrolet produced 3,600 corvettes, but at the end of the year, 1,100 remained unsold. This, and the release of fords new thunderbird, made general motors realize that the corvette would have to be revitalized inside and out. The company responded with all new color combinations and a powerful v8 engine that thrust the corvette into its new niche: Sports car.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 100 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-cam v8 displacement 235-5 to 265 cu. In. Power rating 155 to 195 hp transmission 3-speed manual chassis: Fiberglass body with steel frame; Front coil-spring and rear leaf-spring suspension; Drum brakes. price: $2,774 to $3,405

About vehicle
Harvest gold, gypsy red and corvette copper were among the corvettes new body colors, and yellow and light and dark beige were made available for the interior. In addition, the soft tops, now made out of canvas and vinyl, were offered in light and dark green. The other major change was the engine a new v8 with a 12-volt electrical system. Manual transmission was added later in the year. on the road to perfection the changes in performance and looks made the 1955 more marketable, but many problems remained, including leaking windows and less-than-acceptable braking. But this was all to change because of engineer zora arkus-duntov. It was too late to alter the 1955 corvettes, but duntov started working immediately to make the 1956 corvette the first of the true racing vettes.
Chevrolet manufactured only 7001955 coivettes, making it the second-rarest model ever mad

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