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Cadillac V 16 - 1930-1931
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Cadillac V 16 - 1930-1931

Cadillac V 16 - 1930-1931

For the super-rich in the 1920s, there was really nothing left to buy. Automotive elegance had reached its peak in the form of packards, pierce-arrows, lincolns and cadillacs, and, custom coach work aside, there was little to set them apart until cadillac unveiled its astounding ohv v 16 dual windshield sport phaeton in 1931. It was a one-off body, never to be repeated.

Specifications performance
0-60 in 20 sec. Top speed of 95 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve v16 displacement 452 cu. In. Power rating 165 hp transmission 3-speed + reverse chassis: Front and rear solid axle, semi-elliptical springs suspension; Vacuum-assisted, cable-operated brakes; 5,654 lbs. price: S5.5oo to $10,000 in 1930

About vehicle
Smooth sailing with two opposing straight eights separated by an angle of 45 degrees, the immense black-enameled block held an amazing 452 cubic-inches and churned out a whisper-silent 165 horsepower. It had no loud superchargers, and a hydraulic valve lash adjustment system developed by cadillac further reduced noise. For the lucky driver (as often as not a chauffeur), the byword was smooth. going to camp the front and rear compartments of the four¬seaters were simply but elegantly appointed, and if passengers in the rear wanted privacy, they could just roll up a second windshield. A rear dashboard also had a speedometer and clock, and a large trunk the kind you might take to camp, only nicer sat over the chromed rear bumper between enormous chromed fenders.
This cadillac v16 is a custom sport roadster, a one-off body. It was designed in 1930 by pininfarina.

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