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Buick Roadmaster - 1951-1958
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Buick Roadmaster - 1951-1958

Buick Roadmaster - 1951-1958

The buick roadmaster defined the postwar american attitude toward cars: If it aint broke, dont fix it just add chrome

Specifications performance
0-60 in 17 sec. Top speed of 95-100 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve 18 displacement 320.2 cu. In. Powrer rating 152 hp transmission dynaflow automatic chassis: Front ind., coil springsrear live axle, coil springs; Drum brakes; 15-inch wheels; 4,210 lbs. price: $3,453 in 1952

About vehicle
Stairway to heaven the gm lineup, in ascending order, read chevy, pontiac, olds, buick, cadillac. The roadmaster, at the top of the buick line, approached the cadillac in its lofty price, affordable only for members of the higher tax brackets. Each year brought a slightly altered style from the mind of the gm doodad-whiz, ned nickles. The roadmaster was especially famous for its four side portholes, gun-sight hood ornament and fighterplane-inspired body. And because it was such a massive car, the steel industry probably prayed for gm every sunday. The roadmaster weighed in at a whopping 4,210 lbs. More than two tons of motoring metal! tons of fun though legend has it that there was more steel in a roadmasters dashboard than in an entire alfa romeo, the roadmaster was no unsophisticated battleship. With an overhead-valve, 320-cubic-inch, in-line eight, dynaflow automatic transmission and pillowy suspension, the roadmasters two-ton body didnt just go, it plowed. This buick was pure americana.
This 1954 buick roadmaster riviera was owned by walt disney, who used it for his travels along the cote dazur.

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