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Buick Regal Grand National - 1984-1987
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Buick Regal Grand National - 1984-1987

Buick Regal Grand National - 1984-1987

Buicks 1984 regal-series two-door coupe was nothing special until, late in the model year, the marque introduced an all-black turbocharged version called the grand national. This was a car that shed the bourgeois buick image. Its speed and darth vader looks make the grand national a favorite at auto auctions

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 115-120 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve, v6 displacement 231 cu. In. (3.8 l) power rating 200-300 hp transmission 4-speed automatic, with overdrive chassis: Coil-spring suspension, indepen¬dent in front; 3,249-3,285 lbs. price: $13,325-$15,136

About vehicle
Turbocharged v6 engine some 215 regal grand nationals were made for 1982, but this version had a weak engine. The 1984 version, available only as a performance -package with the 201-in.-long t-type regal coupe, boasted a 3.8-litre v6 engine that reached 200hp with turbocharging and sequential fuel injection. For 1986 a new intercooler made the engine more powerful yet, and the 1987 gnx had modifications that raised the hp to 300. Wholesalers bought all 500 gnxs and jacked up the price to $29,250. black beauty the grand national package included hard-riding suspension, overdrive automatic transmission, air conditioning, bucket seats and a 3.42:1 performance axle ratio. There was a minimum of chrome on the black body, with black bumpers and guards, a black front air dam and a decklid spoiler. The grille treatment changed for each model year.
When equipped with a grand national performance package, the all-black regal t-type coupe was a youth favorite. This one is a 1984 model.

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