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Buick Limited - 1958
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Buick Limited - 1958

Buick Limited - 1958

Whoever first said that nothing succeeds like excess never considered the fate of the 1958 buick limited. This one-year-only chrome-encrusted luxury series wandered into cadillac territory in terms of size and price and promptly got clobbered in what proved to be a recession-plagued economy. Just over 7,400 of these convertibles and riviera hardtop sedans and coupes were produced.

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 115 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve, v8 displacement 364 cu. In (6 l) power rating 300 hp transmission dynaflow automatic chassis: Suspension by coil springs and tube shock absorbers, independent in front; Drum brakes; 4,603-4,710 lbs. price: $5,002-$5,125

About vehicle
Long like a limousine reviving the limited name for the first time since 1942, buick created a veritable aircraft carrier by extending the rear overhang by eight inches on the 127.5-in. Wheelbase of its biggest cars. At 227 in., the limiteds were longer than any cadillac except the fleetwood limousine. The 364-cu.-in., 300hp v8 engine remained ample, if fuel-thirsty, for hauling this yacht. loud like a jukebox the limited had enough chrome to shame a wurlitzer jukebox, starting with the 160 squares of the fashion-aire dynastar grille, each with four facets to maximize glitter. There wrere massive chrome stone shields on the lower rear fenders and rocket-shaped chrome housings for the parking lights. Another busy element consisted of three rows of vertical fake louvers on each rear flank, bordered by buicks traditional chrome bodyside sweepspears and echoed by louvered taillights.
Tloe long, chrome-encrusted 1958 limited dazzled the eye, but prospective buick buyers didnt want cadillac size and prices in a recessionary year

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