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Bugatti Streamlined Coach - 1930-1934
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Bugatti Streamlined Coach - 1930-1934

Bugatti Streamlined Coach - 1930-1934

Based on the streamlined designs of his young son jean, ettore bugatti built some 65 coaches (coupes), most of them on a type 50 chassis. These are some of the loveliest bugattis ever built.

Specifications performance
Top speed of more than 105 mph engine typedrivetrain: Twin-overhead-cam, in-line 8-cylinder displacement 4,972 cc (5 l) power rating 225 hp transmission 3-speed manual + reverse chassis: Semielliptic front and reversed quarter-elliptic rear springs; Cable brakes; About 3,640 lbs. price: $8,625 for the chassis alone in great britain in 1932

About vehicle
American influence bugattis design went through five phases, becoming more radically streamlined each time.. The first ones had a break between the flowing front and the rear fender and a protruding rear trunk. The fender line soon merged, and the trunk gradually became shorter until it ceased to become evident. The roofline of the later coaches assumed a fastback shape. These features, and the extremely raked windshield, all betrayed american influence. fastback shape most of these streamlined coaches were built on the 122-in. Wheelbase of the type 50 chassis, but some were on the longer wheelbase of the type 46 chassis. The five-litre type 50 engine was smaller than that of the type 46 but much more powerful because of the addition of a supercharger. The example shown here originally was set on a type 50 chassis but was bought in the early 1950s by an american collector who reset it on a type 46 chassis.
The fastback roofline and extremely raked windshield of this bugatti coach reveal it to be an example of jean bugattis last, most radically streamlined design.

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